Do you want to grow as a leader?
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As a team and leadership coach I am here to let you and your team grow. To do this I focus on the leader you are, the energy of the people you work with and the culture you want to develop. In addition, I take a closer look at your business structure to really unleash the potential of your team. Let me introduce you to the 4 fundamental pillars we challenge together.

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Create your direction

  • "To cut down a tree in five minutes, spend three minutes sharpening your axe!" We take a strategic look at the vision and values of your business, decide where to go and set up focus points.

  • “During our strategic weekend with the management we analyzed our last year and evaluated our intern collaboration. Laurens guided us from A to Z. He steers, connects, challenges and shows us the way to go. While using exercises to keep the right dynamics, he coached the management team in an enthusiastic and warm way. A big thank you!”


  • “I never really believed in setting up a business plan, but we knew we had to change something in our fast growing company. After spending a strategic midweek with Laurens we really felt where Case Company stands for and which direction we needed to go to. Today everybody in our team is aware of our norms and values, they act upon and takes decisions towards them ". Laurens asked us the right questions, put things in perspective and motivated us with a big smile on his face. Looking forward for the next one! ”

    Bram Laebens - Co-founder Case Company
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Creating a structure

  • Together we set up a structure that supports your leadership style, the culture of your company and the world you are operating in. A tailor fit structure that makes it possible to get the best out of everyone and to be ahead of the market.

  • “Laurens helped us building a framework to grow future-proof. He knows how to deal with the different personalities in our team and adjust the process and exercises when needed. His insights in the human aspects provides that the elephant in the room is being named. This in a constructive way. A big help for the team and our organization!”

    Tom Van Haute - CEO & Founder House of Media
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Individual coaching

  • "If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got". In individual sessions I let you discover the best you can be. I challenge and motivate you to take the necessary steps to be a better leader.

  • “Laurens coached me while I was struggling with a lot of dilemmas. He is really easy to talk to, creates trust and knows what he is talking about. During the sessions he helped me to order my thoughts, gave me insights in who I am and guided me in the direction I wanted to go. At the end we made up a concrete action plan. Thank you Laurens!”

  • “Laurens gave a boost to my self confidence! He helped me with putting my capacities into words. A couple of short sessions with Laurens boosted my courage. The questions he asked me really came in. I was skeptical in the beginning, but Laurens really got the best out of me. Thanks a lot!”

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Improving your team

  • Setting the right mindset is the most important thing in change. We look at the balance of your team and how we can improve their communication and collaboration. I am a huge fan of self steering teams. The best way to increase empowerment and satisfaction for every team member. Ready to work together and tackle the future!

  • “Thanks to his positive energy and practical approach, Laurens managed to thoroughly improve the groupsdynamics of my multi-skilled team of 18 people. After the combination of break-out sessions and group discussions I directly felt a positive change. This after a workshop of only 2 days.”

  • “In the past year, we brought in Laurens as a coach to challenge a group of entrepreneurs. With his enthusiasm and relentless energy, Laurens knows better than anyone else how to reverse certain resistances or aversion and how to break the status quo. ”

    Daan Hooghe - Coördinator Voka
  • “After our team session with Laurens, we directly felt the impact he had made on the team. The weeks after the session there was a better atmosphere, the air was cleared and for the first time you could feel we were a team. Strange to say, because we have worked together for years. Great job, especially for the short time Laurens was with us!”

    Leen Vander Kuylen - Director Supplier Management & Procurement TUI Aviation

I truly believe in improving human performance.

Motivating people, letting them dream big and helping them to accomplish those dreams is my passion in life.

I studied Strategic Management followed by Human Resource Management. In my career I gained experience as a Sales Manager, HR Manager and General Manager (300 FTE). In those positions I excelled in people management, implementing new structures and letting businesses grow exponentially (Makro N.V., House of Media). To look for new ingredients and fresh insights I travelled around the world for two years. During this journey I actively challenged my own strengths, passions and goals in life. Today, as a Business coach, I combine my worldwide management experience with my skills to motivate, challenge and connect (with) people. I empower leaders to become aware of their true potential, their ability to actively listen and give meaningful guidance to the people they work with. This is how I enhance leadership to make this world -a little bit- a better place.


As you can see in the quotes, I helped creating a vision and goals for start-ups, implemented new structures for scale-ups and changed the mindset of the teams and leaders of different multinationals. Hereby some partners I love(d) to work with.